Child Photography Essex

Children grow up super fast right?! Too fast! Whilst it’s exciting to reach each new milestone and wonder what they will learn next and who they’ll grow into, savour today too. Temptaion is to wait for that ‘perfect time’ to book a Photo Shoot for your Child or Children. But, we think capturing them….when they have a gap in their front teeth or when they will ONLY wear a super hero costume or a tutu or in the awkward stage where baby is almost walking but not quite solidly…is just as important as waiting for the perfect day. Their little quirks only make them more beautiful. An important mention also is that we understand and LOVE that children are not performing seals, we do not expect ‘perfect’ behaviour whatever that is. We expect them to need encouragement to feel confident, some time out here and there, we understand they might have opinions about how the shoot should run and parts they like more than others. We get that they might need llittle ‘incentives’ to get that final shot mum is desperate for because we’re all human and children will be children :) For these reasons we highly recommend getting creative with an outdoor Photo session. They’re a fun way of photographing your child and it feels more like play and less like a photo shoot. We can ‘style up’ sessions with props and changes to keep the kids interested, we can talk about what your children are into at the moment, a location that would work for you, whether we want to include any family Photos in the session or if the family pet should make an appearance. We think all of these things make for a really exciting and unique album of images that are a little bit different to the norm.